The ancient formula

My waxpaintings

Panagia ,waxpainting on wood 50x70 cm

Jesus.Encaustic on wood 18x24 cm

 young girl .Encaustic on canvas 24x30cm


Jesus encaustic on wood 30x40 cm 


pomegranate .encaustic wax on cartboard 10x18 cm

Fayum Portrait>Encaustic on wood 22x33 cm

Fayum portrait.Encaustic on wood 20x34cm

Portrait of a  boy.Encaustic on wood 18x30 cm

Portrait of a young man.Encoustic on pasteboard  20x30cm

Saint Peter .Encoustic on Plaster.24x30 cm



Fayoum Portrait.Encoustic wax on wood 22x35

Fayoum portrait .encaoustic wax on wood.22x34 cm

Portrait of the artist A.K wax on wood 20x32 cm

The Green bottle Encaustic on pasteboard 24x30 cm

Some trials for the wax binding 70x120 cm

Some of my thousand trials for the binding 60x100 cm

Fayoum Portrait encaustic on wood 24x35 


Portrait .wax on wood .20x40 cm

The sitting girl .Wax and egg tempera on pasteboard

My  mothers unfinished portrait.wax on canvas

Flowers encaustic on pasteboard 12x18 cm  





spring flowers 25x50 cm encaustic on pasteboard 

Portrait of John .wax on wood 24x30 cm

Portrait of M.K encaustic on wood 20x40 cm 


 Portrait of a poet


 Encaustic on wood


 Fayum Portrait .Encaustic on wood

 The smiling girl .Encaustic on wood (Cestrum way)

 Portrait.Encaustic on wood


 An unfinished portrait .wax(cestrum way)

 Nude.Encaustic wax on pasteboard

 Kea. wax tempera on canvas 40x50 cm


 Portrait. Encaustic on cartboard



Encaustic wax and oil on canvas 30x40 cm

Portrait of Sabbas.S 1986 wax on canvas